2019 Challenge Game

The classic NFL Rants & Raves Challenge Game that started many years ago, continues this year as Steven takes on new co-host, Steve Frey.

Last year, Steven rode to victory and ended the drama early on Wild Card Weekend as the Chargers defeated the Ravens and making it impossible for Steve to catch him the rest of the way.

The game is the same as it always has been! Anytime there are games that Steven and Steven disagree on, a challenge game is selected. The loser of the previous week’s challenge game gets to select the current week’s challenge game. At the end of the year, the loser of the Challenge Games will endure a punishment that the winner will select.

Steven needs to find a suitable punishment for Steve to endure for his loss last year.

Current Score

Steven Miranda

Steve Frey



Week Steven M Steve F Details


Colts Texans Steven M. 1 – Steve F. 10 (Steve F. Wins)
You would think Steven would learn after three consecutive losses on Thursday Night Football, but he thought the Colts would take the division lead with a win over the Texans. Unfortunately, this was not the case and Steven has lost another game by 3 points!


Steelers Browns Steven M. 1 – Steve F. 9 (Steve F. Wins)
In the game that will be forever known as the game with “The Incident”, Steven found himself on the losing side for the fourth consecutive week. Now he has doubts about this Challenge Game thing and may forgo the rest of the season.


Chargers Raiders Steven M. 1 – Steve F. 8 (Steve F. Wins)
No wonder Steven keeps calling them the San Diego Chargers. They seem to have brought their bad luck with them to Los Angeles. Steven cannot believe that a team lead by Philip Rivers and the hosts of weapons on the offensive side can look so enept. Steve Frey is on fire!


Browns Broncos Steven M. 1 – Steve F. 7 (Steve F. Wins)
Steven cannot believe that the Browns went up to Denver and laid a big, fat stinking egg! As Browns fans start chanting to fire Kitchens, Steven is left to wonder why anyone thought this team could contend for the playoffs. Same ol’, same ol’ Browns!


Buccaneers Titans Steven M. 1 – Steve F. 6 (Steve F. Wins)
Although Steven wants to put this game up to a vote as he protests the result, Steve says it will not change the outcome. Won’t it? The refs screwed the Buccaneers from a TD late in the 4th quarter and that play seriously altered the result, all because of early whistle.


Saints Bears Steven M. 1 – Steve F. 5 (Steven M. Wins)
Steven never understands why Steve, a Packers fan, puts so much trust in the Bears. Steven was quick to lock this in as the Challenge Game as he felt the Saints would go into Chicago and dominate the Bears. The Saints proved him right and Steven finally got his first win of the season!


Rams 49ers Steven M. 0 – Steve F. 5 (Steve F. Wins )
Steven took the Rams again and again they let him down. In a game where the guys were looking to see if the 49ers were for real, they got their answer as the 49ers held the Rams to a measly 7 points in the “Rams House!”


Rams Seahawks Steven M. 0 – Steve F. 4 (Steve F. Wins )
In what is can only be described as Steven not learning his lesson, the Rams at Seattle proved to do him in, AGAIN! This time Greg “The Leg” did not live up to his billing as he missed a FG at the end of regulation to give the Seahawks a one-point win and Steven his fourth loss.


Cowboys Saints Steven M. 0 – Steve F. 3 (Steve F. Wins )
Even though Steven made the Cowboys one of his LOCKs of the Week, that did not help as the Cowboys offense got stuck in neutral and never engaged all night. The Cowboys lost and did not give up a TD. Steven increases his streak to 3 in a row.


Falcons Colts Steven M. 0 – Steve F. 2 (Steve F. Wins)
Steven was banking that the Falcons would keep that winning spirit alive against the Colts since it will be a road dome game. But Steve felt the Colt would be ready for their home opener and he was right! They took an early lead and never looked back.


Titans Colts Steven M. 0 – Steve F. 1 (Steve F. Wins)
Apparently Steven was blinded by the Titans win over the Browns in Week 1. He thought that they would get the job done at home, unfortunately, they could not keep their lead and they lost in the end. Steve starts as he did last year, with a 1-0 lead. But can he keep it this year?


Lions Cardinals Steven M. 0 – Steve F. 0 (TIE)
For the second year in a row, the NFL Week 1 Challenge game ends in a tie! How stupid is that. Steven felt the Lions would take care of business and they held an early lead, however the Cardinals came back to force overtime and nobody could score in the extra period. Unreal!