Prior to getting into the NFC South teams, the guys discuss some NFL News. The NFL has a big mess at the QB position as Kevin Kolb goes down in Buffalo leaving a Tuel at starting QB. Bong Boy, Matt Leinart bounces back and lands in Buffalo, while Rex Ryan puts on a post game presser to be remembered because he will not answer questions about why Mark Sanchez was in a meaningless game in the fourth quarter behind 2nd and 3rd string offensive linemen.

Raider Nation may be putting out a help wanted sign and Steven says Matt Flynn pulled off a heist in Seattle. Plus we have a “Good ole Boy” and you will not believe who it is and what he has done. Jeff recaps MRI Monday and we find out Tony Moeaki has a fractured shoulder, prompting Steven to call him FRAGILE!

The guys open their new segment Dig & Ditch on DraftDay. As Steven and Jeff get set to play Daily Fantasy Football on, both guys give you advice on what kind of strategy to use when selecting players.

• Atlanta Falcons – Steven says the Falcons will not win the division again while Jeff believes they will win it again.
• Carolina Panthers – Steven says that the Panthers defense looks like they will keep Carolina in a lot of games. Jeff thinks they might win enough games to be a wild card team.
• New Orleans Saints – Jeff is not sold on the Saints defense and wonders why New Orleans would take a guy in Rob Ryan that the Cowboys were quick to show the door. Steven says the offense will do enough to help the Saints win the division and look out for Mark Ingram.
• Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Both guys agree that the Bucs are a dumpster fire and just a tiny step above the Oakland Raiders. Steven says that Josh Freeman has regressed and looks uninterested and Jeff believes that Josh no longer cares about playing in Tampa Bay.

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