Percy Harvin

AP Sports Writer, Jon Krawczynski, reported that Vikings WR Percy Harvin has requested a trade.

Players might be asking, “What on earth are the Vikings doing?”

NFL front office executives are asking, “What on earth is Percy Harvin doing?”

And everyone else is left wondering how the NFL can manage to stay front and center in the sports headlines year after year, even in the off-season.

Steven’s Take:
Harvin is obviously not happy in Minnesota. Whether it has to do with his ridiculously low contract with two years remaining on it or his perception about how the Vikings have handled his past injuries, only Harvin knows. The rest of us can only speculate as to his unhappiness.

What is certain is that Harvin is the best, most-talented receiver on the Vikings roster. He knows that! Hopefully, so do the Vikings. The next best receiver on the team does not even come close to Harvin’s skills. The Vikings cannot afford to send one of their primary offensive weapons away this off-season.

Advantage Harvin.

Do not expect the Vikings to honor Harvin’s request. However, they would be wise to find a way to make Harvin happy preferably sooner rather than later. See, as talented as Adrian Peterson is, he cannot make the Vikings offense go on his own. The Vikings running game relies on a passing game that will be next to non-existent if Harvin is traded away or worse, holds out until the Vikings give him what he wants.

Vikings fans will keep a close eye on this messy situation, but when all is said and done, Percy Harvin should remain a Viking this year.