It’s that time of year where all the coaches look back and make changes they should have made a long time ago! Lovie Smith finally puts Josh McCown in for Caleb Hanie who has been terrible the last few weeks. If only now Lovie had done that a while ago, but then again, after London, Steven isn’t going to be questioning Lovie anytime soon. Mike Tomlin of the Steelers also figures out Big Ben (or is it peg leg?) isn’t the best option for QB.

Tomlin benches Ben Roethlisberger as Jason La Canfora reports the right ankle sprain will keep him out of the Rams and Week 17 game. Why didn’t they pull Ben out before the 4th quarter? No one knows, but Mike Tomlin should have recognized that Ben wasn’t doing any good and could have used the rest for the upcoming games.

The tensions are high in New York. Although niether teams are great, both can slam each other down with words. Rex Ryan doesn’t want a “War of Words,” but Tom Coughlin is confident “it will be decided at 1 o’clock. Talk is cheap, play the game, and we’ll see who the real winner is.