The NFL world is hung over the morning after drinking so deeply from the well of Tebow. The guys cannot even get to anything else as those who follow our beautiful game have been left with our jaws wide open. Open because we witnessed such a terrible football game. Open because we saw the longest game winning drive in Denver Broncos history and were left to have a similar expression as team vice-president and Hall of Fame QB, John Elway. Stunned and not sure what to make of this.

Steven wants to give all praise to the defenses and demonstrates quite compellingly how one Jets defender cost his team the game by standing around watching Tebow magic, allowing Tim to rush for the game winning score with 58 seconds left on the clock. Antonio Cromartie’sheart has been questioned in the past and no play better demonstrated this problem than the end of last night’s game.

Jeff points out that while many things ail this nation, a lack of good guys who make people feel hopeful is not amongst them. He encourages people to stop hatting, look in the mirror and question hatred. Yes Tebow takes money from corporate sponsors, works the media to his advantage and then builds hospitals in the Philippines. And at the end of the day we have the most polarizing athlete today.

Twitter Talk is all a buzz with Tebow comments. So many that they cannot be read. A few we grabbed out though: Prayer does work I just seen it – @shawnemerriman, Adios, Denver. Will never forget what I saw on that field last night. Raised the bar for rest of Thursday Night Football. – @richeisen, and How can analysts,commentators and fans dislike a player or coach personally that they really don’t know? A bad play doesn’t mean a bad person.Truth – @DeionSanders

Key injury updates for week 11: Eagles officially rule out Mike Vick Vince Young gets the start vs Giants. Jeremy Maclin out of practice again today and is game time decision. Ray Lewis has been rulled out vs Bengals. AJ Green continues to miss practice and is a game time decision. Tony Fiammetta and Miles Austin will be out for the Cowboys vs Redskins. Santana Moss out for Redskins vs Cowboys. Jahvid Best has not been at practice for Detroit and most likely will miss Carolina game with concussion. And finally, Ahmad Bradshaw has been rulled out for Eagles game.

Tony Dungy has a plan for the Indianapolis Colts. Dungy says, that if they hold on to the #1 spot in the draft they should draft Andrew Luck, then if Manning is healthy, they should trade him for a bunch of picks. Probably the first thing Dungy has said that Steven cannot at all agree with. Imagine Luck learning from Manning for 2 to 3 years. Relevant for another 10 years.