The reeling Jets shed an underperforming WR much to the appreciation of the Houston Texans. The recently well traveled Derrick Masson was shipped in a trade. On the Texans side of the fence, Andre Johnson’s hammy is the obvious driving factor in this deal, but Masson’s recent behavior of speaking out against the team’s cohesiveness certainly did not help his cause to remain a Jet. Rex Ryan insists Masson’s comments had nothing to do with the trade, instead insisting it had everything to do with his decreasing role on the team and the rise of rookie Jeremy Kerley taking the #3 wide-out job made Masson expendable. Our Micro Celebrity asks if the trade improves the Texans?

A new NFL owner’s agreement has the U.S. continuing to bring American Football to Briton. A new League resolution has games continuing through the 2016 season. It also allows teams to play multiple times and will evaluate how many games to play and is open to staging games elsewhere in the U.K..

The legend of Troy Polamalu’s hair continues to grow. Hollywood’s Madame Tussaud’s has now immortalized the all of Polamalu — not just the hair — in wax. A spokesman for the tourist fixture states that they had to use 3x as much wax for his hair as any other statue in their history. Great video of Troy having fun with visitors who didn’t realize he was real.

Twitter Talk has Pete Carroll indulging LeBron James NFL delusions. LeBron has tweeted about playing football and asked John Clayton when the deadline was for an NFL team to claim a free agent. (It’s next Tuesday BTW) Jeff was impressed James knew who John Clayton was. Carroll asked James via Twitter: “hey @KingJames are you aware of what the League’s rookie minimum is?” The talk has gone so far that the two are planing on meeting… really?