Several sources are reporting that Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin collapsed during Thursday’s practice. Harvin was looking up into the sky, tracking a punt when he suddenly fell to the ground and trembled on the ground for a bit before being taken to a hospital by ambulance.

Currently there has been no news as to what caused the collapse, but several have suggested that it is was related to a migraine headache attack.

Coach Brad Childress said,

I don’t know how they classify it. Not really a seizure, but he had some trouble over here. I’d be remiss if I tried to qualify it one way or another. It seemed like he was stable.”

Harvin had been missing from practice for the past two weeks while he attended to the death of his grandmother and the migraines he suffered after her loss.

The Associated Press reported that the ambulance did not leave right away after Harvin was loaded inside and that it left quietly without sounding its sirens or flashing lights. We hope that means he was taken to the hospital to be evaluated and that the situation is not a grave one.