Steven and Jeff thank everyone who joined on the blitz project and encouraged others to do so. The guys get straight into NFL News, as they discussed QB Ben Roethlisberger dodging a bullet and Terry Bradshaw’s comments regarding the young quarterback. There is also a Good ‘Ole Boy to talk about and Steven throws Jeff under the bus again!

The guys also discuss about the possibility of WR Brandon Marshall being traded to Seattle, billionaire Stan Kroenke trying to purchase the remaining 60 percent of the Rams, the Raiders saying JaMarcus Russell will get another shot at QB, and a Brian Westbrook sighting in Green Bay.

Plus Steven and Jeff take a look at what the teams in the AFC South and AFC West will do in the upcoming draft. Steven jumps on the Texans bandwagon, but quickly changes allegiances to the Colts. Jeff likes everyone except the Raiders, and the guys talk about why they like to go easy on the Jaguars.

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