The Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Buffalo Bills have something in common. They all made the same move of firing the offensive coordinator just before the season began.

OC Chan Gailey

The Chiefs struck first when Todd Haley fired Chan Gailey on August 31st, just ten day before the start of the regular season. Seven days before the start of the season, on September 3rd, Tampa Bay’s Raheem Morris sacked his offensive coordinator, Jeff Jagodzinski. Just one day later, six days before the start of the regular season, Dick Jauron terminated Turk Schonert’s offensive coordinator duties.

Why did so many offensive coordinators get the axe just days before kickoff weekend? Not weeks or months, but days before the start of the season! Well, in Kansas City, it might be easy to call. It appeared that Haley wanted to continue his play calling duties since he seemed to enjoy doing that while the OC in Arizona.

In Tampa Bay, the young head coach probably did not see eye-to-eye with Jagodzinski and therefore he figured to cut his losses before the start of the season. Jagodzinski came from the college ranks, and Morris felt the organization could do better.

The firing of Schonert in Buffalo is a little harder to follow. The Bills spent the entire off-season with Schonert who installed a no-huddle offense, something that has not been seen in Buffalo since the Jim Kelly days. Then the Buffalo offense looked bad in the preseason and Jauron and the Bills panicked and released Schonert without giving him a chance to run his newly installed offense in a regular season game.

OC Turk Schonert fired by Buffalo

OC Turk Schonert

So what happens when a team fires the offensive coordinator just days before the start of the season? Do the teams get better?

Well, here is what it looks like after three weeks of the NFL season. The combined records of these three teams is 1-8. With the only win coming in Week 2 when the Bills defeated Tampa Bay, 33-20. At least they provide some scoring in that game.

The Bills at 1-2 are the best team from this trio, averaging 319 yards per game which ranks them at 17th overall. Tampa Bay ranks 25th overall averaging 296 yards per game and Kansas City is ranked 30th averaging 30th overall with 264 yards per game.

These offenses have been anemic thus far into the season, and there is a direct correlation with the offenses lack of productivity to these teams losing their offensive minds days prior to the start of the NFL season. Two weeks ago, the Chiefs managed only 10 points against their division rival Oakland Raiders. The Chiefs did manage 14 points against the Eagles last week, but their offense was nothing special at all. They were held to just 196 total yards and the final touchdown was scored in garbage time with just 1:54 left in the game.

OC Jeff Jagodzinski fired by Bucs

OC Jeff Jagodzinski

The Bills offense sputtered last week and were held to just seven points at home versus the Saints, losing 27-7. However, their touchdown was scored on a well executed fake field goal. People, you shouldn’t have to rely on scoring with fake field goals at home!

Then, there’s the Bucs. Last week, Tampa Bay was shut out at home against the Giants 24-0. The Bucs offense was so inept, it only had 86 total yards and had 22 of their 36 offensive plays go for zero or negative yards.

So maybe, it wasn’t the offensive coordinators that were the problems at all. Maybe it has to do with something else, say like the head coach. Maybe it’s the offensive system in place. Maybe it’s the game day play calling. Or maybe it’s just the simple fact these three teams do not have the level of talent on the field as the rest of the teams in the NFL. And if that’s the case, then it does not matter who the offensive coordinator is at the helm.