In a predictable blowout with the winning team finishing with a high score, the Cowboys knocked off the Seahawks 34-9 in Dallas to go to 8-4 and get the lead, at least until Sunday, over the Redskins for second place in the East and a wild-card spot.

Dallas' offense was outstanding, getting back into the prosperity that we all thought they would have at the beginning of the season with all of that talent. Tony Romo had all day to sit back in the pocket because of great protection, leaving a weak Seattle secondary with absolutely no chance. Jason Witten had a nice day, the first in a while, with over one hundred yards and a touchdown. Terrell Owens and Martellus Bennett also caught touchdown passes. The running game was unspectacular, possibly the reason why the Seahawks were able to stick around, still with a small chance until the fourth quarter, but the passing game offset that.

The Cowboys' defense also played well, getting to Matt Hasselback and not allowing the Seahawks' ground game to get going. He was sacked an unacceptable seven times, with DeMarcus Ware getting three before he got injured. What an unbelievable player he is.

This was a game, as I explained last night, that Dallas needed to play well in. They have a rather difficult stretch of games coming up in December, and need to gain the most confidence possible. They pretty much did that tonight, and have to be feeling good with a long week coming up.

For Seattle, this just continues a dreadful season, falling to 2-10. Something tells me that Mike Holmgren isn't regretting his decision to retire.