Jeff and I have managed to get the blog back up after our server crash. I can’t believe I was able to save this. Anyways, we are back and I am making it my goal to make more timely topics on the blog.

To start, what is the deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers? Coaches sending porn emails, to the Commissioner of the league! What an embarrassing goof! That is a horrible mistake and I wonder if the Steelers will take action against Offensive line coach Larry Zierlein.

I once worked for a company and the President/CEO’s name was Steven Miller. In the address book in Outlook, his name was right above mine and a friend of mine tried to send me an email that he actual sent to Mr. Miller by accident. The email had a picture of a very large woman, naked spread out on a bed in a very sexual position. The subject read “Tell your girlfriend to stop calling me!”

He was let go the next day!