The Good
Great Weekend for the NFL.
Upsets: Great games between the Skins and Bucs, Packers and Falcons, Vikings and Giants and Cowboys and Eagles. All those teams had the underdog win. For the second straight week, a coach, Tampa Bay’s Gruden goes for the win in the final moments of a game. The Bucs lined up and went for 2 instead of one and the tie and upset the Redskins 36-35. The Cowboys stun the Eagles and steal a win back in the same fashion they had one stolen from them in Week 2.

The Vikings set a record by becoming the first team in NFL history to return an INT, a kickoff and a punt for touchdowns. The Packers use an unknown running back, Samkon Gado, who we will forever call “Dr. Gado”, to upset the Falcons in Atlanta. The Bears make some history of their own, as Vasher had the longest play in NFL history returning a missed field goal for 108 yards and a TD.

This is why we watch the NFL! Every week, there are remarkable plays, unknown names, spectacular comebacks and upset victories. Records are meaningless in the NFL, a 7-1 team can lose to a 1-7 team. That’s why they play the games!

The Bad
Eagles collapse in the 4th quarter.
While leading the Dallas Cowboys 20-7 with 3:44 left in the game. The Eagles forgot to finish the game and allowed the Cowboys to go 72 yards in just 40 seconds. Then they allowed the Cowboys to win the game by throwing a pass on 2nd and 7 with 2:53 left in the game. A pass which was intercepted and returned for the game winning TD by safety Roy Williams.

The bad was not the Eagles letting one slip away, but the fact that McNabb, trying to tackle Roy Williams on the interception return, got hurt even more than he already was. He was visibly in pain and limped off the field. Now the Eagles season is all but over!

The Ugly
Who said Manning and the Giants were going to the Super Bowl? Not I.
Days and even minutes before the game against the Vikings, most football analysts and pundits were praising Eli Manning and some even talked about the Giants going to the Super Bowl. “Are you kidding me?” I shouted at the TV.

Manning may develop into a great quarterback someday but now is not that time. He attempted 48 passes and only completed 23 of those for only 48% completion rate, and the biggest stat is he had 4 INTs. Four! This looks like the ugly is Eli Manning, but instead it goes to all the analysts who were already writing him in as the starting QB in the Super Bowl.

Calm down, let the kid play a few more years before you start talking about the second coming of Joe Montana. Let’s see if he can win a game outside of New York, with games in Seattle, Oakland, Philadelphia and Washington still to come, I’d say the Giants can possibly go 0-4 on the road and not make the playoffs.