Episode 15.07, the Week 3 Show.
Airdate: Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

Week 2 became INJURY weekend in the NFL, as two big name QBs went down to injury. Big Ben is out for the season. Drew Brees is out for at least six weeks, and the G-Men are making a change at QB. Both the guys tell you why this is a HUGE mistake.

Steven rants on the state of officiating in the NFL. Another mistake in the Saints vs Rams game and an inexplicable OPI over turns a TD in the Vikings vs Pakcers game has Steven heated. Meanwhile, Steve continues to stay hot in the weekly pick ‘em segment and wins the 1st Challenge game and he’s feeling pretty good about it.

Week 3 has some interesting matchups as the Patriots are 22.5 point favorites over the Jets and the Cowboys are 21.5 point favorites over the Dolphins. YIKES! Listen as the guys give you all their picks.