Episode 11.05, Preseason Week 2 Preview Show. The first video broadcast of NFL Rants & Raves on Periscope. What’s up Periscope peeps!

September 10th cannot get here soon enough! Not just because it’s Steven’s birthday, but because the NFL Kickoffs the season in Foxboro and games will matter!

Week 1 of the preseason is over and all it did was whet his appetite for guess what??? MORE FOOTBALL! Time for Commissioner Goodell to stop messing around with deflategate and figure out how to shorten the preseason already! Let’s REALLY GET BACK TO FOOTBALL!!!

Steven talks about the Eli Manning report that says he wants to be the highest paid QB, however Eli puts the kibosh on that report and Steven gives you his thoughts on that situation. So many season ending injuries continue to plague the NFL during training camps. I’ll also give you my take with the current rash of fights in the NFL and I have a couple of suggestions on how to make it stop! This really makes Steven put out a good rant!

Plus James Harrison vs Trophies? What!!! And Steven wishes we could just put an end to the Brady vs the NFL stuff as he asks, has this gotten worse than the Brett Farve will he won’t he retire from a few years ago?