Star-Lord and Captain America

Star-Lord and Captain America

I am so over “deflategate.”

Short of Bill Belichick getting suspended for the Super Bowl, nothing the NFL does to New England is going to make a difference in the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX. Therefore I am done discussing it since it is all much ado about nothing. So since the rest of the football world is stuck discussing deflated footballs, I am going to take a look at one of the coolest Super Bowl bets I have ever seen.

If you’ve been listening to NFL Rants & Raves throughout the years, you know I am a big movie fan, especially when it comes to Marvel movies. Well, this week a couple of huge celebrities who play Marvel characters got into a friendly Twitter spat that ended in a superhero bet.

It appears that Chris Pratt (Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy) and Chris Evans (Captain America) are huge football fans. Pratt is a big Seattle Seahawks fan while Evans supports the New England Patriots. After New England defeated Indianapolis in the AFC Championship game, Evans took to Twitter to call out Pratt.

That’s when Pratt brought in the superhero talk and took Evan’s Captain America title away and gave it Russell Wilson.

Of course that prompted Evans to take it to another level and threw down the gauntlet. Even his hashtags were hilarious.

There was no way that Pratt was going to back down from a challenge, after all he is Star-Lord! So here is the wager he proposed.

Evans accepted the bet and added his terms to the wager.

Pratt accepted the terms and even managed to take a shot at Tom Brady in his response back to Evans.

On a day where I had my fill of football PSI and the advantages of deflated footballs, it was great to see this exchange on Twitter from a couple of my favorite actors. I for one think it would be cool to see Captain America visit Seattle waving the 12th man flag. However we can all agree that whatever the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX, there will be some very happy children out there.

That’s what sport and entertainment are all about! Way to go Chris and Chris.