Steven and Jeff come back from a nice vacation and get ready for football. The guys talk about the Aaron Hernandez situation and update his current status.

Cam Newton reveals that he is still an “Atlanta kid a heart” and pulls for the Falcons except when the play the Panthers. Jeff calls him a traitor and gives him some words of advise. This cannot be good for Cam, right?

The Oakland Raiders are downsizing. No, not their team but the capacity for their stadium. To avoid game blackouts in the bay area, the Raiders plan to bring the stadium capacity down to 50,000. The size of their new proposed stadium. Raiders say give us a new stadium or we are moving to … that’s right, L.A.

The guys discuss the Dallas Cowboys topping the list of most richest NFL teams and 5th overall on Forbes list of highest valued sports franchises. Steven might have stepped in it when he said Cowboys Stadium might be better then Wembley. Oops.

Plus the guys finish the show with talking about the Denver Broncos punishments of player personnel bosses, Jaguars owner Shad Kahn owns a new team and the Seattle Seahawks fans will try to roar their way into the Guinness Book of World Records.