The Colts stir up the news again today as they hire a new GM, Former Eagle Ryan Grigson, and he’s already creating a buzz. Owner Jim Irsay supports the move fully and believes the team will be younger and younger as the years go on. Peyton Manning will also be getting this $28M bonus come March 3rd, and the staff is starting to raise some questions.

The Ravens win.. but just barely! Because of their less-than-glorious win, they get a less-than-glorious talk from their teammate and team leader, Ed Reed. He goes to say that Joe Flacco didn’t do a great job and needs to be better. “I think Joe was kinda of rattled a little bit by their defense,” Reed said. At least this isn’t coming in as an anonymous statement, but rather from a reputable player on the team.

Mindi Bach, the 49ers CSN BayArea reporter, joins the guys. She goes into detail about Alex Smith and the 49ers win this week and also some concerns about the Championship game versus the Giants.

The results are in! Based off the poll, 40% of people want to see a Niners/Pats Super Bowl Game this year in Indianapolis.