The Pro Bowl Roster is out and the tongues are a-waggin! Both the Patriots and the 49’ers top the list with a total of 8 players from each team going to the Pro Bowl. Terrell Suggs defends his lack of a spot with the explanation that the Raven’s will be going to the Super Bowl, so they won’t have time for the Pro Bowl. the 4 teams that got shut out this year from the Pro Bowl are the Titans, Rams, Bills, and Redskins. The guys are shocked that Phillip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Greg Jennings, and BJ Raji are all going to be playing in Honolulu this year.

Biggest surprise of the year? The guys and the fans all have different takes. For Jeff, It’s the rookie-turned-superstar, Cam Newton at the Carolina Panthers. Not only is he breaking rookie records, but also all time QB records during his rookie season. Jeff apologizes sincerely for underestimating Cam and his football abilities. Steven brings up the fact of the “Youngry” or “Yuckry” buccs fell flat on their faces this season. While starting out strong at 4-2, they fell asleep at the wheel and fell 8 games to a 4-10 record. The fans on Facebook seem to be surprised by the 49’ers who have totally turned around this year by the lead of Coach Jim Harbaugh doing some pruning of the team, making them an elite top-tier football organization.

We’ve been heard! The Bengals fans have responded and have avoided a black out for the second time this season. It’s not great, but at least its improvement!