Merry Christmas and a Happy Ne– Drew Brees Day! With just 2:51 left on the clock in the 4th quarter, Brees hits Darren Sproles for a quick little 9-yard strike that pushed Brees over Dan Marino’s passing record set over 27 years ago! Even though he has the record by just 3 yards, keep in mind he still has another game to go! Marino made sure to congratulate Brees over twitter on not only the new record, but also the 6th straight 300+ yard game giving the Saints a 45-16 win over the Falcons.

Speaking of Falcons, the Dirty Birds know how to be Angry Birds on Drew Brees Day. One player was upset the Saints continued to pass even after having a 20+ point lead. He told, “No need for that. It came on our watch, but it didn’t have to come that way. We won’t forget it.” The funny thing? He’s not angry enough to release his name. He’s angry.. but doesn’t want to admit it. If you don’t want to put your name out there, stop talking because almost any NFL team would have done exactly the same!

The Cincinnati Bengals face one of the biggest challenges of the year– fan attendance. Discounted playoff tickets? 2fer1 season tickets? What has the greater Cincinnati area come to! Fans, get out there and support your team. The only sold out game this year is from the Steelers who sell out all their road games anyways!

Warning: Do NOT cheat on your girlfriend in Wisconsin if she has season tickets! If you do, there are some nasty consequences that might happen.

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