The story few are talking about, Sam Hurd — drug lord wanna be. Official charge is conspiracy to distribute more than a pound of cocaine. Undercover federal agents have a much bigger case than this, but this charge alone is enough to put him away for a very long time. The charges against him portray him as what cops would consider a major player in the drug world. This from a guy that most remember singing Christian hymns, donning ink of Psalms on his chest, an saying God bless. While likely a coincidence, the place Hurd had his last real meal for the next few decades has been sold today. At least his last real food was delicious

The guys wonder if Shahid Kahn’s first game as new Jaguars owner might have left him with buyers remorse. A horribly embarrassing 41-14 road loss in Atlanta. Kahn said all the right things about keeping the team in Jacksonville and wanting to make the people of Jacksonville proud, but this is one messed up organization he takes over.

In El Juego Grande Estupendo De La Semana, the guys preview the biggest game of week 15. The Pittsburgh Steelers visit Candlestick Park and the San Francisco 49ers. Both teams 10-3 and very much needing to keep their winning ways going. The Steelers will be without James Harrison who lost the appeal of his one game suspension. And on that same note, Browns QB, Colt McCoy will miss this Sunday’s game with recurring symptoms from his collision with Harrison. Should be a great game between the Steelers and Niners.