Let’s get right into it! Breaking news, Chicago Bears WR Sam Hurd was arrested late Wednesday and faces federal drug charges as a result of his meeting and interest in buying 5-10 kilos of cocaine and 1/2 a ton of marijuana PER WEEK from an undercover agent. Folks, that sure isn’t cheap and not really viable on his current salary. That’s $25,000 per kilo and $450 per lb. of marijuana- just over $700,000. Matt Spiegel reported that the Feds also have a list of NFL players that have gotten their drugs from Hurd. He should expect to spend the next decade(s) in prison.

Speaking of obscene amounts of things, the NFL got a peak at the money. According to the NFL, they will stay on free TV though 2022. That’s 10 years folks! CBS, Fox, and NBC renewed their contracts for nine years through 2022. The fees between the three stations will increase about 7% total and will increase the NFL’s revenue from $1.93 billion to $3.1 billion annually by 2022. What does this mean for you, the avid football fan? That’s right, better coverage in all time slots to fuel our football passion.

Micro-Celebrity today is Facebook’s Richard Napão Perez who asked how far Texans QB TJ Yates can carry them through the playoffs. The guys seem to be less optimistic about their future, saying that a solid defense is a necessary part of the team, but in order to beat some of the other AFC teams, they are going to need to step up their offense to even compete.

It’s official now! Shahid Khan will be the new owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars as approved by the NFL. Who knows where or how this team will end up, but it’s a new chapter in their history!