Welcome to November note realigned helmets representing the current League standings. Monday Night Football was a Halloween fright fest for the San Diego (not so super) Chargers. The Chargers lost in OT to the Kansas City Chiefs due to many mistakes. Most notably was a Phillip Rivers fumble from center with 44 seconds on the clock of a 20-20 tied game and well within field goal range. Totally unnecessary loss might send reverberations through the division that will be felt well into January. Already missing Mike Tolbert for the game, RB Ryan Mathews left the game w/ groin injury, and 3rd stringer Curtis Brinkley was brought into service before he got injured!

Like mom always said, it’s all fun and games until someone is arrested for indecent assault and battery. After the guys ponder what decent assault would look like they move on to last evening’s incident of Patriots wide-out, Julian Edelman being charged with reportedly lewd conduct to a woman on a dance floor. The guys remind the audience of the following most obvious fact: it is never okay to grab a woman in the crotch without permission.

Jeff’s Powerful Rankings for week 8 are now up and ready for your comments. Steven congratulates Jeff for finally giving the 49ers their due and ranking them 2nd overall. Jeff explains why he is so completely uncomfortable having a team with such a horrible recent history ahead of the past decade’s juggernauts.

Steelers linebacking corps have gone missing in action. Pittsburgh was already missing James Harrison and James Farrior… well, now add LaMarr Woodley and his injured left hamstring to the list. That’s a whole bunch of starters missing from a typically feared defensive unit. Good luck Steeltown USA.