Plenty of movers and shakers in after Week 3. The Lions, Bills and Raiders are on the move up while the Patriots give up the top spot to the defending Super Bowl Champs. Plus the Eagles and Cardinals are not so “Angry Birds” as they see significant declines.

Rank Last Team Comments
1. 3. Packers (3-0) Where many say they should have been to start the season
2. 4. Saints (2-1) Jimmy Graham is my hero!
3. 2. Jets (2-1) What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger
4. 1. Patriots (2-1) Making it abundently clear that this is a team in need of a defense
5. 7. Ravens (2-1) A good ole fasioned butt woopin to the Rams is what good teams should do
6. 10. Lions (3-0) My high-school daughter has never witnessed a Lion win in Minnesota
7. 6. Chargers (2-1) Rivers was wreckless and nearly cost his team the game
8. 5. Texans (2-1) Nothing to be ashamed about losing on the road to the Saints. Stand proud
9. 16. Bills (3-0) Best team in AFC? Perhaps not, but they’re pretty darn good!
10. 13. Buccaneers (2-1) Dramatic and important home divisional win. Youngry is doing work!
11. 9. Steelers (2-1) Hard to imagine an uglier, more agonizing win. Thank goodness for Wallace
12. 17. Raiders (2-1) McFadden makes them contenders every week
13. 12. Falcons (1-2) Matty Ice must be made of steel to take this kind of abuse
14. 14. Cowboys (2-1) Romo trying to rewrite Favre’s book on Toughness. Center, Costa is gross-man
15. 7. Eagles (1-2) Another game another Vick injury. Passes dropping faster than expectations
16. 11. Bears (1-2) Cutler hanging on to the ball too long is top reason he’s sacked so often
17. 18. Giants (2-1) Strong performance by Eli in snapping 6 game skid against divisional rivals
18. 15. Redskins (2-1) Skins are a good team. Not sure how far team can go with Grossman.
19. 21. Titans (2-1) Loss of Kenny Brit will be difficult to overcome and CJ’s play is not helping
20. 20. Broncos (1-2) Titans defense was key to shutting down Kyle Orton
21. 26. Panthers (1-2) Cam came down to earth in the pouring rain and got a W
22. 29. Browns (2-1) Maybe Steven is right… at least he was this week. Smartest man alive — barely
23. 27. 49ers (2-1) Something to be said about going on road and beating a team you should beat
24. 23. Jaguars (1-2) Gabbert’s debut was invisible due to heavy rain though adequate on paper
25. 24. Vikings (0-3) If games were 30 minutes long, this would be a top 10 team
26. 28. Bengals (1-2) Andy Dalton’s QB rating of 40.8 is all you need to know
27. 19. Cardinals (1-2) Thought you were the best team in the division. Guess I was wrong.
28. 32. Seahawks (1-2) TJacks saves his job… for now.
29. 25. Rams (0-3) The promise that was this season, is quickly becoming a faded memory
30. 22. Dolphins (0-3) Wow this team blows! Browns w/out their best player and still can’t win
31. 30. Colts (0-3) Despite impressive performance by D the O is worse than expected
32. 31. Chiefs (0-3) Division champs or chumps? San Diego played down to their woeful level