Just minutes into editing of yesterdays Fix, down came the announcement that Chris Johnson and the Tennessee titans agreed to terms on a new four-year, $53.5 million contract extension: virtually assuring his being on the field for week one. Causing great consternation for Steven, an emotional plea is made to Peyton Manning to also get on the field ASAP, less Steven lose $75 to Jeff.

Karma is a funny thing. Vince Young, Eagles back-up quarterback and the one who declared them a “dream team” pulled up lame in last night’s pre-season finale. The fate of the Eagles back-up QB now belongs to Mike “Freaking” Kafka. Not only is he a vastly different type of player from Michael Vick and Young, he lacks ANY NFL success. All hands on deck for Eagles fans who are praying people.

Finally the guys consider what was learned from the 2011 pre-season. Aside from knowing that Peyton Manning must get healthy fast for the Colts to have a chance to be successful, not much else was learned. Look, people, these are meaningless pre-season games and all we can say is bring on the regular season. With just 6 days standing between us and the big day we wish everyone a happy Labor Day!