With the start of the NFL season just a week away, talk turns to Arian Foster, his hamstring, and his frustration with fantasy football participants. After posting an MRI photo of his injured hamstring on Twitter, Foster questions people’s sense of humor. The guys question his wisdom as he is likely in violation of several team policies on releasing medical information and misusing social media. Pointing out that they are part of the problem, Steven and Jeff both admit to caring about their fantasy teams nearly as much as Foster.

President Obama is not being well served by his staffers. Someone should have made him aware that his new date for a major policy speech would conflict with the kick-off of the 2011 NFL season. After graciously agreeing to move his speech so that the Republican presidential hopefuls would have as large an audience as possible, the POTUS went and moved his speech to a time NO ONE will be watching. Call us bad American’s because we’d much rather watch football than a major jobs speech. It is football, after all, that makes us forget our woes.

In the Micro-Celeb of the day Sascha Kaminski wonders who has a bigger chance of starting week: Peyton Manning or Chris Johnson? Sure we now know it is Johnson who will begin practicing tomorrow after receiving a fat contract right after the guys finished the show, we didn’t know that then and that makes for good fun.