In the second out of a series of four, the guys take a look at the AFC South & West and take a look at all eight teams in the two divisions.

In looking at the Texans, Colts, Jaguars and Titans, the guys disagree on who will be on top. Steven still believes this division belongs to the Colts, while Jeff believes this is the year the Colts begin their slide into obscurity and will finish with less than double digit wins. Although Steven agrees that the Colts will start slow, especially without Peyton Manning, he believes they are still a 10-11 win team and Steven also guarantees that the Texans will make the playoffs as a wild card team. Both guys agree that the Jaguars will struggle and that without RB Chris Johnson, the Titans will be hard pressed to win many games.

In the AFC West, the guys feel that Philip Rivers and the Chargers must start out better to reclaim control of the division and agree they appear to be the best team in the West. Jeff is pretty hard on the Broncos, as he puts the Raiders in third place, but Steven says the Raiders will end up in the cellar of the West again. While both guys agree the Chiefs are almost ready to take the next step, their 1st place schedule will make it tough on them to repeat.