The Wild Card round is over and what a weekend it was. The only home team to win was the only home team nobody expected to win and Jeff starts the show off by sharing a story that he has not shared on the air before. The guys discuss Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera heading to Carolina, the Broncos pausing their head coaching search due to weather, the Raiders not talking about their head coaching search because they are the Raiders and the Eagles DeSean Jackson is asking for more money prompting Steven to ask, why?

The guys also talk about the Eagles dilemma at QB with Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb and Steven pokes a little fun at Rex Ryan, who’s making it personal again!

Steven and Jeff then focus on the four Wild Card Games and both guys are not very happy with the Saints and Colts as the two Super Bowl teams from a year ago get knocked out on the first day of the playoffs. Steven finishes at 2-2 and Jeff lands at 1-3 as Jeff loses the Challenge Game putting him 3 games back with 3 weeks to go. Can Jeff go on a 3 game winning streak to avoid getting punished?