Brandon Marshall @ Broncos CampWhat an idiot! Apparently Brandon Marshall feels that he is going to fight the Denver Broncos. Check out this video of Brandon Marshall at practice, from He is not running with the other players, he is batting down balls instead of catching them and instead of handing balls to the ball boys, he punts them down the field.

How old is this guy, like 5 years old!

If Marshall feels that he can act like a spoiled rotten kid and get traded he is wrong. Head coach Josh McDaniels said he “did not want to get into it” when asked about Marshall’s whereabouts.

I hope the Broncos do not cave in and trade this guy. Instead, they should pull an Andy Reid and send him home for conduct detrimental to the team and suspend him. I am not the person who likes to fine players. You have all heard me back the players that get fined. However, in this case, the Denver Broncos should start fining Marshall for not practicing, and if this does not do the trick, they should suspend him for “conduct detrimental” and let force him to miss playing time and getting a paycheck.

Brandon Marshall you are the “Boob ‘O’ The Day!