Herm Edwards, despite being fired near the end of January by the Chiefs, still has some options. He can sit at home, watching football, or find a job on television, where he, judging by his warm relationships with the fans and players, would be great at.

One thing he definitely will not be doing is taking a job as a defensive coordinator, for whatever reason. Instead, he'll opt to take a secondary coach position if he decides to coach in the 2009 season.

The Tampa Bay Tribune suggests the Buccaneers as a possible landing destination for the former Jets and Chiefs coach. Thinking about it, it really does make sense. New Coach Raheem Morris may be in a little over his head, a situation Herm can relate to, as he went from secondary to head coach in New York, as well. Having that mentor with head coaching experience could go a long way, as well as letting Morris focus on other aspects of the team he's less knowledgeable in, such as offense.

Then again, it's questionable as the whether Edwards would be willing to take a position on the staff of a first-time coach. I'm not sure if he's the type of guy that would be insulted by such a situation, but no one besides him really knows.