A lot of the success of the remarkable turnaround of the Miami Dolphins, not in any way negated by today’s loss, can go to Bill Parcells. He drafted well, brought in some impact, yet cheap players like Chad Pennington, and most importantly hired a good head coach. For good reason, Dolphins’ fans were upset after hearing Parcells could, and most likely would, opt-out of his contract due to a term that allows him to when Wayne Huizenga sold the team, which he will shortle. Parcells would apparently go to another front office to rebuild a struggling team or, amid heavy speculation, even go back to coaching. However, fortunately for the organization, the Miami Herald had this quote from the now former owner:

“Bill is going to stay,” Huizenga said. “He told me the day before yesterday he was going to stay.”

What a relief this must be. Parcells would have left the team in good shape, but to have such a smart mind in the front office making the football moves is an asset they did not want to let go. He will have work to do, as the loss today, as well as some noticable weak spots on the roster highlights some holes in the team. He’ll also have to decide what to do with Chad Pennington, eventually; he’ll probably remain the quarterback for next season, holding off second-round pick Chad Henne, but if he doesn’t up his performance in the playoffs (if they make it again), putting to rest the myth that he isn’t a big-game quarterback, but merely an average to above-average player, he could lose his starting position in 2010. Furthermore, Parcells will be faced with the so-called “itch” to coach in 2010 and beyond. It’s very difficult to step down from doing what you love (ahem, Favre, ahem), and just being in a front office is obviously not the same as coaching. I do not think he will, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Big Tuna on the sidelines once again.