Are the San Diego Chargers, an 8-8 team, really a legitimate threat to win the AFC? Really? Really?

After beating the Colts, an appealing case can be made. Phillips Rivers is a downright gamer, a la Jeff Garcia or Big Ben except with more tools and weapons to work with, and even if LT isn't completely healthy by their next game, Darren Sproles will be more than enough at the running back position.

The defense is still fierce, and has improved in its pass-coverage. If they can get pressure on the quarterback, they can be a really effective unit.

Plus, one can not possibly overlook the effect that tonight's win over the hottest team in the AFC could have on their confidence, and how they managed a close game by controling the TOP and field position to keep it a close game, and then win in overtime.

If they play a team like the Titans(which they automatically will next week), I can actually see them winning. Rivers has enough talent to work with to get ahead, and once the Chargers gain the lead, if they run the ball and have a punting performance like tonight, they'll be a tough team to stage a comeback against.

However, when they face a team like the Steelers or Ravens, with a defense their offensive line may not be able to handle, I don't see them being able to win. But then again, who knows. Maybe they could, considering the swagger they'll now have. I know one thing- it will be very interesting to see.