Tomorrow, at 4:30, the NFL's first postseason game will begin in Phoenix between the 9-7 Cardinals and 11-5 Falcons. Did anyone even consider the possibility of a match-up like this happening in the wild-card round before the season started? Me either.

Honestly, I cannot see Arizona winning this ballgame. I do believe, despite barely making an extension deadline for selling the dome out, the fans will be rowdy enough, as the smart ones know that the chances of seeing consistent Cardinal success and another playoff appearance in the future is remote. However, consider the match-ups.

We all know about the Cardinals on offense. Atlanta has been getting better on pass defense, but I still don't see the secondary shutting down an offense with a healthy Anquan Boldin. Arizona's line should allow Kurt Warner just enough time, with the exception of at least a couple John Abraham sacks, to make some plays. However, the Cardinals are incredibly one-dimensional, a shame when you consider how Atlanta's D has been struggling against stopping the run. I suppose it's possible Edgerrin James, expected to get the start following a surprising game against Seattle, can repeat the performance, but it's highly unlikely. In the NFL playoffs, it is terribly difficult to win when the opposing defense basically knows what you are restrained to on offense, completely confident that you will not be able to establish even a decent running game.

And, although Michael Turner has struggled away from the Georgia Dome, expect him to come out of the gates strong and have a great day against a defense I consider to be soft. Also, expect to see some big hits -meaning Turner running over the defenders – a la Brandon Jacobs in Week 1. Matt Ryan should have more than enough chances to find one of his receivers, and I'm guessing we'll see multiple touchdown passes.

I know I make this out to be a game that should not be close from the beginning, giving that Cardinals absolutely no chance to advance. However, I won't throw the possibility out that the Cards click on offense and stay close in a shootout; plus, you can't erase the fact that they'll be facing a rookie quarterback in Ryan, making an implosion for the Falcons a possibility, albeit a small one. Ryan has shown more than enough poise in tough situations this season for me to believe it will not happen.

From the get-go, though, I just don't see a way Arizona can win without a running game. For a prediction, I'll go Atlanta Falcons 27, Cardinals 17. We should see, regardless of the homefield advantage, why Arizona got in simply as a result of the horrendous NFC West, and why Atlanta shouldn't just be brushed off as a team at least a year or two away from being legitimate Supper Bowl contenders.