What can you really say for the Lions after their 47-10 loss, the ugliest game on Thanksgiving for them? Honestly, it would be doing us all, including them, a favor to strip them of the tradition.

Tennessee, meanwhile, certainly bounced back from their first 2008 loss last Sunday against the Jets with a dominant performance on both sides of the ball.

The two-headed monster combination of LenDale White and Chris Johnson was very successful today against a weak Detroit defense that couldn't tackle and bought on nearly every fake the Titans did. Both had over one hundred yards with two touchdowns, showing that their running game is still strong and that Johnson can still produce late in his first NFL season. They did just what they wanted to do- run the football and barely need Kerry Collins (he attempted just eighteen passes). The key for the rest of the season is if they can do it against better defenses than the Lions.

The Titans' defense, however, can simply not be overlooked, as they were fantastic. Kevin Smith couldn't even get to two yards a carry, and Daunte Culpepper had a pretty frustrating game. His numbers weren't exactly horrendous, but he all but took his team out of the game with an awful first-quarter pick-six. Drew Henson saw some snaps late in the game. His offensive line, though, didn't exactly make it easy for him to make plays in the air.

So, the Titans go to 11-1, while the Lions fall to 0-12, now looking at the real possibility that they will not win one single game this season and probably putting a local TV blackout in place next week against the Vikings.