We are finally here! The Week 1 Preview Show means that start of the NFL season is upon us. At the time of the show becoming available to everyone, we are 24 hours away from Ravens at Broncos and 2013 NFL Kickoff!

First in NFL news, Steven comes to the defense of Rex Ryan. He says there is no way people should be angry at Ryan for going to see his son play instead of staying at the Jets facilities to talk to players getting cut. Jeff also agrees that Ryan made the right call. The Jets and Bills name starting QBs for Week 1. Jeff says, “As if that’s going to help!” Jeff also feels that the three states in the U.S. that have three football teams each, only have one good team between them.

The Texans give Brian Cushing a 6-year, $55.643 million contract extension which includes $21 million in guaranteed money. Jeff likes the deal for both sides while Steven raises his eyebrows at the amount. Steven says Brian Urlacher needs to stop talking, but Jeff gives him a pass.

Finally, the guys get to making picks and Steven and Jeff disagree on a whopping eight games. Going to be an interesting Week 1.

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