Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald, WR Cardinals

No one can question the work ethic of Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald as he is one of the hardest working receivers in the league. Fitzgerald continues to post huge numbers even while the Arizona Cardinals play musical chairs at the quarterback position.

Today, Fitzgerald seemed to question Cardinals rookie WR Michael Young’s desire to be great as Larry joked around on Twitter with his latest tweet.

Most will read this tweet from Fitzgerald and immediately point out that he is calling out the rookie receiver and begin to criticize one player or the other. Instead one should choose to look at the positive spin on this tweet.

One, Fitzgerald is stating he is working out hard and getting ready for the season. NFL CBs best be ready to play the Cardinals this season.

Two, Fitzgerald is sending out an invitation to the young rookie receiver and informing Floyd that he can come learn from the veteran on how to prepare for a brutal season.

And finally three, Fitzgerald feels comfortable enough to be a leader for the Cardinals and have fun with other players while setting an example for the rest of the team.

Do not look at this friendly tweet as a negative but as a sign that the Arizona Cardinals, a team that finished 7-2 after a 1-6 start last season, as a team that will be ready to compete hard for the NFC West crown this season.

It appears that Fitzgerald’s tweet had the desired impact as Michael Floyd showed up to workouts yesterday. He even worked so hard that Fitzgerald was impressed by what he saw.