Today, Jim Caldwell takes the bullet for the near win-less season this past year without Peyton Manning. Everyones favorite billionaire tweeter, Jim Irsay, publishes instructions to see the article, but all the guys get at first is a Colts Cheerleaders photo essay– not that they’re complaining or anything, but after a couple refreshes, the news comes out that the Colts have officially released Jim Caldwell. While maybe not the best choice and a little late for the Jeff Fisher race, some say it will be best for the Colts.

St. Louis wins the lottery and ends up with the BMOC Jeff Fisher as their head coach. This is a huge victory for the Rams fans and will hopefully begin to move the Saints in the right direction. Jeff Fisher announced he will bring New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams to join him on his conquest next season.

Finally, the guys bring you a poll! Which Super Bowl do you want to see? Niners/Ravens, Niners/Patriots, Giants/Patriots, or Giants/Ravens? Go out to and go vote for your choice! The guys can’t wait to see what you all think!