It’s reported that the Jets want to get their hands on Colt’s QB Peyton Manning. When you think about it, what NFL team DOESN’T want a healthy Peyton. If he did go to NY, he could be reunited with his brother, kinda like Green Acres- but in reverse. Maybe they can live together in one of Donald’s huge places on the east side with a nice overlooking view of the park.

Oakland Raiders bring us an injury update! Hugh Jackson announced today that RB Darren McFadden could play this weekend… if the Raiders made the playoffs.

Congratulations to new Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Kahn who officially owns the team. The guys put on their best mustaches to honor the special occasion. Good luck next year!

Ben Roethlisberger can’t help but release his current health status to the media when ever it updates! In a special segment, the guys bring in some questions from the social media realm. Lee Sanders asks, Will the Patriots get over the “one and done” curse? Stephen Kearns wonders, “Can a beat up TJ Yates withstand those Bengal tigers once more? Finally, James Ramshaw questions, “Are the Ravens better with or without Ray Lewis?”