Guys get you ready for Week 15 as they head out to San Francisco for Monday Night Football. In a fast and furious tangent filled show, Steven questions Jeff about the Packers going for a perfect 19-0. Steven feels the Packers will end up being disappointed if they try, while Jeff says they have to go for it. The guys send their well wishes to Wade Phillips who will be taking some time away from the Texans for a medical leave of absence.

In the games, the guys show that they can’t run a 4 minute offense or even a two minute offense as Steven says the Patriots will destroy Tim Tebow and the Broncos to put slow down and put a damper on the Tebow parade. They only disagree on four games as Jeff quickly jumped off the Chargers when Steven was going to make it the Challenge Game. Jeff knows, one more win and it’s over. Meanwhile, Steven says he guarantees the Cowboys make the playoffs and Jeff wants him to bet $100 and Steven shows growth by not taking the bet. There is a side bet that involves Ndamukong Suh.

Finally, Steven picks the Bears to beat Seattle in Soldier Field and locks it in as the Challenge Game.