Plenty of craziness in the Week 13 Recap show. First the Packers and 49ers have clinched their respective divisions. Steven claims to have become objective regarding the Cowboys and says that they are really a 3-9 team in a 7-5 record saying they are Rosanne Barr in Jennifer Aniston’s body.

The guys quickly share some war stories from the winds that knocked the power out of the Rave Cave for five days, but they also take a look at all 15 games played. Jeff agreed that due to the excruciating circumstances and the fact that Josh Freeman did not play in the game against the Panthers, the Challenge Game would be voided. Then he decided to change his pick to Jacksonville and make tonight’s Monday Night Football game the Week 13 Challenge Game.

Jeff is very confident in the rest of his picks and Steven is just grateful for the change. Plus hear Jeff’s, this day in history.