Yes, it’s true. We are back. We heard your emails, Facebook posts and tweets asking for a new show, so Steven and Jeff are back at it. The guys talk about the current lockout, although Steven begrudgingly does it, they discuss the release of Plaxico Burress and the teams that might be interested in him. Steven thinks he may land with the Jets, Cardinals, Seahawks or Eagles while Jeff thinks he may land with the Rams.

The guys finish going over the 1st round of the NFL Draft and give their thoughts on the final 18 picks of day one. Steven was really impressed with the Saints 1-2 combo punch of Cameron Jordan and Mark Ingram in the 1st Round and both guys still cannot get over the fact the Falcons gave up so much to move up for WR Julio Jones.

Steven makes a few side bets with Jeff over when the lockout will end and some promises to the Show Donors. Thank you!