For the first time since probably a couple days after the Super Bowl, the NFL made me smile! I have been adamant about not discussing any of the CBA or Lock out stuff because I did not like what either the NFL Owners and NFL Players are doing to the game I love.

Then today the league put out the 2011 NFL Schedule and I could not help but smile! There are plenty of excellent match-ups and this schedule gets me excited for another year. Of course, I will probably go back to feeling bad and crappy once I realize that some of these games could be dropped if the owners and players don’t get their act together.

Why will I be upset if the league has to skip even one week. Because Week 1 has Saints at Packers to open the season on Thursday night, Colts at Texans, Falcons at Bears, Steelers at Ravens and Giants at Redskins on Sunday to be followed by Cowboys at Jets on Sunday night and Raiders at Broncos and Patriots at Dolphins for the Monday Night double-header to close out Week 1. Does anyone really want to miss those games?

I certainly do not!

The entire schedule is here.