Steven and Jeff come out and talk about the state of the NFL, with the owners locking out the players and both sides bickering like school children. With the current “lock out”, the guys discuss what other shows they can come up with and Jeff suggests Box Office Rants and Raves but Steven quickly nixes that idea.

The guys then pick a side and argue their cases. Jeff takes on the side of the players, while Steven argues for the owners, unwillingly. Right now, it appears that the players really want to see the books, but that does not appear it is going to happen. Steven rants on both sides as they claim that they are doing it for us, the fans, which could be furthest from the truth.

Finally the guys talk about some players making news off the field. The guys have a new drop as they play, “Don’t be silly Adrian Peterson!” from the Motorola commercial. Both Steven and Jeff agree that Peterson’s and Reshard Mendenhall’s comments comparing the NFL and slavery is ridiculous!