JaMarcus Russell

JaMarcus Russell

Somewhere in Los Angeles, Lane Kiffin is having the last laugh. The Oakland Raiders finally released quarterback JaMarcus Russell. What took them so long?

In three seasons, actually two and a half since he held out his rookie season, Russell never lived up to the hype created by the Al Davis hype machine. Davis, in the famous over-head projector press conference said to then fired head coach Lane Kiffin about Russell,

He is a great player. Get over it & coach this team on the field.”

Basically, if Al Davis is giving up on him, there is not much hope for JaMarcus Russell to find another team to play for in the NFL.

Since 1970, spanning 41 NFL Drafts, there have been 18 quarterbacks taken No. 1 overall. That list includes QB Sam Bradford, who was drafted this year by the St. Louis Rams. Of those 18, JaMarcus Russell is the only QB to only last 3 years with the team that drafted him. The next closest player is Jeff George who played only four years with the Indianapolis Colts before being traded to the Atlanta Falcons.

Since 2007, Russell ranked dead last in completion percentage (52.1), passing yards (4,083), yards per attempt, passer rating and tied for last in TD passes. This was among 31 quarterbacks that had a minimum of 600 pass attempts during that time span.