ESPN’s John Clayton just reported on NFL Live, that the Oakland Raiders are preparing the process of cutting QB JaMarcus Russell. Clayton also said that it was not a question of if, but of when they would cut Russell.

As you will hear on the show tonight, the trade the Raiders pulled during the draft to acquire QB Jason Campbell from the Washington Redskins was the writing on the wall for Russell, and Jeff has even said that Russell would be out of a job.

If you are asking yourself, “Why are the Raiders simply cutting him and not trading him?” That answer is an easy one. Russell has no trade value. The Raiders have tried, but there is not a market in the NFL for quarterbacks that tip the scales at 300 plus pounds. Unfortunately for Russell, the #1 overall pick in 2007 Draft, his NFL playing days might be over, as I doubt there will be other teams willing to give him a second chance.

By cutting Al Davis‘ hand picked QB, the Raiders will save over $6 million this season.