The NFL made a bold move by moving round one of the 2010 NFL Draft to primetime Thursday night for the first time in league history, and not only was it historic, it was fun. The night had more twists and turns than the latest episode of Lost. More moves (7 trades) than Dancing with the Stars, and more drama than Law and Order. The only thing missing was the hot alien chick from V, Morena Baccarin.

With the first 32 picks in the books, here are ten thoughts I had as I watched round one unfold.

1) The Detroit Lions got their claws back!
Not only did they select DT Ndamukong Suh with the second pick overall, they took RB Jahvid Best with the 30th pick overall. They traded their second-round pick, flipped fourth-round picks and gave up a seventh round pick to the Minnesota Vikings to make that move. That was an aggressive move by Detroit and they managed to obtain a playmaker for both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. The Lions are finally showing some teeth and the NFC North is getting tighter.

2) Jerry Jones was not going to let history repeat itself.
The Cowboys traded up with the Patriots and selected WR Dez Bryant and got what I believe to be the best value in the first round. Much like Randy Moss in the 1998 draft, Bryant was sliding down the first round, due to perceived off-field character issues. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys passed on Moss in ’98, and they were not about to make that mistake again. Dez Bryant should have been a top five pick, and the Cowboys snagged him up with the 24th pick overall. If Bryant stays out of trouble, he could be great for years to come in Dallas.

3) The Denver Broncos are taking a huge gamble.
The Broncos traded down a few times then traded up to select WR Demaryius Thomas with then the 22nd pick overall. Then they shocked the football world when the traded second, third and fourth round picks to the Ravens to move back into the first round and selected QB Tim Tebow. A few years from now this move will either have been genius, or a complete bust. I am leaning towards a complete bust here. First, passing on WR Dez Bryant for WR Demaryius Thomas is a mistake. Byant is a legitimate superstar, while Thomas will be more of a possession type receiver. Second, giving up three picks to move up in the draft to select a “project” player who many believe may never be able to play quarterback in the NFL could hurt a team that is already mired in a rebuilding phase. Selecting Tebow and paying so much for him was a huge stretch.

4) Looks like Pete Carroll is not going to play favorites in the NFL.
The Seahawks drafted Russell Okung with their first pick (6th overall) and that was a huge need for the birds. However with their second pick (14th overall) Carroll went looking for a safety and selected Texas Safety Earl Thomas. What does that tell you about what the coach thinks of USC Safety Taylor Mays? On the whole the Seahawks had an excellent day one, and this should put to rest all of the folks saying Pete Carroll would be looking to reunite with some of the players he coached while at USC.

5) Arizona gets the second best value in Day 1.
The Cardinals must have felt like unwrapping a Christmas present in April when they looked up and saw that DT Dan Williams was still on the board. Williams is fast and athletic and should provide Arizona with an immediate big man for the middle of their 3-4 defense. I, as well as plenty of others, had Williams in the top 10 and it was certainly a gift for the Cardinals to select him with the 26th pick overall.

6) The Raiders surprise everyone again.
Every year during the draft, Raiders fans everywhere are because it seems that owner Al Davis and the Raiders make poor choices with their first round picks. This year folks feared Davis would select WR Darrius Heyward-Bey again. Well surprise, surprise! The Raiders shocked everyone again, but this time, by making a great selection. The Raiders improved their 26th ranked defense by adding LB Rolando McClain. McClain should help a defense that gave up 155 yards per game last season.

7) The Rams are going all in with QB Sam Bradford.
Rachel Nichols of ESPN tweeted “As for concern over whether Bradford can play right away, Rams stress this pick is not for Week 1 or Week 8, but for long term.” And that says plenty about how the Rams feel with their new quarterback. He was brought in to be the future and face of the franchise, however if the Rams don’t find a way to protect Bradford better than they protected their QBs last season, they may not get the mileage they hope to get from him.

8) San Diego is already feeling the loss of LaDainian Tomlinson.
The Chargers diminished Tomlinson’s role as a running back last season, and this year outright released him after nine years. Well it appears the Chargers no longer believe that little Darren Sproles can carry the load at the running back position, because they gave up a ton to move up all the way to twelve to select Fresno State RB Ryan Mathews. The Chargers have become a passing team with QB Philip Rivers under center and Mathews was not asked to pass block or catch coming out of the backfield at Fresno State. The Bolts gave up their second-round pick (40th overall) to move up to 12 which is much too high a price for a runner with many unknowns.

9) I really like Safety Eric Berry.
The Chiefs selected Tennessee Safety Eric Berry with the 5th overall pick in the draft. Not only is Berry an electrifying playmaker on the defensive side of the ball, he brings leadership to a defensive unit that ranked 30th in the league last year. But I like the fact that Barry was able to stand toe to toe with Deion Sanders and answer Deion’s questions all the while maintaining his poise and dignity and answering respectfully. Like the kid already and the fact he can ball makes him all the more likable.

10) The New York Jets are creating some lofty expectations.
The J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets are going to be facing some plenty of pressure next year, and not just from their opponents. By adding a great first-round pick, CB Kyle Wilson (29th overall), to a growing list of off-season acquisitions, the Jets have everyone in New York talking Super Bowl. The Jets have added RB LaDainian Tomlinson, WR Santonio Holmes and LB Jason Taylor to a team that was within one game of the Super Bowl last year. Unfortunately for the Jets, last year’s record means nothing when you start the season, and the Jets fans can get nasty if things start to go south.