Sometimes we get an email that is so funny we just have to share. We usually read these on the air, but with bye weeks all but over (only 2 teams on a bye this week) we are back to covering more games so we must tangent less starting this week.

To congratulate us on our 300th show, listener Shawn, sent us the following email with quotes from sources giving “Reviews” on NFL Rants & Raves.

Thanks Shawn.

Subject: NFL Rants and Raves Reviews

“NFL Rants and Raves is so fresh that it just might clear the smog from Southern California.” – L.A. Times

“Funny Ha Ha…Not that there’s anything wrong with that” – San Francisco Chronicle

“These guys make us look like idiots” – ESPN

“They are the smartest men alive” – Adam Sandler

“Buy! Buy! Buy!” – Wall Street Journal

“You’re all a bunch of f****ts! …Paper or plastic?” – Larry Johnson

“They’re the GUYS! They’re the GUYS!” – Greg Camarillo

“This show is better than a bathtub full of jam” – Joey Tribiani

“Perfect” – Mercury Morris

“Steven and Jeff who?” – Larry King

“Four out of the only five dentists approve” – London Dentistry Association

“They’re Grrrrrrreat! – Tony the Tiger

“With some pine needles, buttons and yarn, these two would make a wonderful Christmas decoration” – Martha Stewart

“Get that f***ing microphone out of my face or I’ll f***ing kill you!” – Tom Cable

“That show Amaayazing” – Huell Howser

“Head and Shoulders tackles more than just dandruff…” – Troy Polamalu

“They are who we thought they were! So if you want to crown ‘em, crown their ass!” – Dennis Green

“Best – podcast – ever” – Simpson’s comic book guy

“Three thumbs way up!” – Ebert, Roeper and Fonzie

“Full of wit, wisdom and warmth. Steven and Jeff will keep you laughing and wanting more.” – Shawn

Congrats on the big 300! Keep ’em coming.