Fortunately in a sold-out dome, the Eagles will face the Vikings in the late-game on FOX.

Philadelphia is coming in to the playoffs with perhaps the most confidence among all NFC playoff teams, somehow managing to make the postseason following a blowout laugher against the Cowboys that showcased their offense and defense.

When the Eagles have the ball, it will be important if Pat Williams, a game-time decision, will be able to start. If he does and Brian Westbrook is shut down, don't be shocked to see Donovan McNabb, with all of the pressure on him,  falter and throw some picks. However, if Pat does not play because of his shoulder injury, which is the guess I'll make for this prediction, I see the Eagles being able to move the ball and put a good amount of points on the board. McNabb won't be able to easily pick apart the Vikings' defense, though, who have gotten much better in defending the pass.

If the Eagles get ahead early, watch out, because it will force Vikings' quarterback Tavaris Jackson to make plays. Eagles' defensive coordinator Jim Johnson is sure to throw the whole defense at the youngster, who isn't especially good under pressure, probably forcing him into making mistakes. Adrian Peterson could have a nice day, but again, if the Eagles can manage to gain a lead, he may not be able to make as big of an impact as Minnesota hopes. Plus, you know Johnson is telling his defenders to strip the ball away from Peterson, who has had a major fumbling problem in 2008.

It's easy to see why I believe the Eagles will win. Minnesota just cannot get behind (which can happen in a number of ways), and whenever Jackson is forced to drop back and make a play, the Eagles defense will be waiting for the ball to fall into their laps.

I'll go with 27-10 as the final score, possibly making the Minnesota fans wishing their stadium had not sold out and a local TV blackout had been enforced.