On ESPN, reporter Chris Mortenson is claiming that Chargers' running back LaDainian Tomlinson has a completely attached adductor tendon in his groin. He was already expected to be a game-time decision before this. With this injury, I really don't see how LT can play. If he does, I'll be very impressed with his toughness and ability to handle extreme pain, which this injury would obviously provide.

Still, even if he does play, the chances of him being effective are incredibly small. This injury is not one that allows a player to have a good day, no matter how tough they are. Expect LT, is he does suit up and start, to be limited in action in tonight's game and, when he does get his carries, struggle. I wouldn't want to see his face after a big hit by Bob Sanders.

Darren Sproles will now seemingly have a chance to prove that he's a very good back-up, perhaps even capable of starting in the NFL. His speed should trouble the Colts' defense, but obviously, he is not LT.

It's just another long line of reasons as to why I believe the Colts will win what could be the best game of the weekend.