While the rest of the sporting world has hyped up the significance of Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Terrell Owens returning to Philadelphia, I am here to tell you that there is something more important about this game. 1st place in the NFC East. The winner of this game will sit alone atop the division, while the loser will sit in 2nd place with the winner of the Giants/Redskins game.

The Eagles fans may be ready to shout at T.O., but for the first time, the player is more concerned with the game than any of the hoopla generated by the media. Owens and the Cowboys know that a win here in Philadelphia would give them early control of the division and that they would control their own fate for the rest of the season.

Philadelphia has a 3-1 record, but a close observation would lead you to the fact the Eagles 3 wins came against opponents with a combined 3-9 record. They will be facing a tougher, faster strong defense in the Cowboys plus, regardless of what the media is selling, an offensive unit stacked with talent. So while the world tries to tell you the Eagles will be focused on shutting down T.O. with a banged up defensive unit, the Eagles know that Terry Glenn, Jason Witten, Julius Jones and Marion Barber out of the backfield will pose just a much problems on defense than T.O.

Of course having T.O. certainly helps the other players in the Cowboys offense.

Bottom line, with Brian Westbrook and Dante Stallworth hobbling around in the offense and the loss of Javon Kearse on the defense, plus the some minor injuries to the defensive secondary, the Eagles should worry more about how they can win this game than the arrival of T.O.

Cowboys will be too strong on defense and should roll on offense.

Prediction: Cowboys 27, Eagles 16