From Jeff:

The police report says it was a suicide attempt. This information was provided by Terrell’s publicist. She could easily have miss-read a situation and reached a scary conclusion. Given we are talking about life and death matters, only Terrell knows for sure what his intentions were. Here, in this situation, he must be given the benefit of doubt? This is not a hamstring injury and the possibility of wanting to avoid football practice. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

If I were at the center of such a media circus, I would be miserable. Though probably opting to move to a remote part of New Guinea, I cannot imagine the pressure accompanying having every move scrutinized, analyzed, criticized, and characterized. Yes, T.O. (Terrell’s celebrity alter EGO) is a prima-donna wide-receiver. Yes, he is better at it than most, but it must be stated that he still possesses a human side which is not immune from the pressures which accompany public criticism — even if it is self-generated.

He has done pretty well for himself given the difficult hand life has dealt him. Would I want him as a teammate? Probably. If not for any other reason than he is the best at what he does on the field and will draw the media attention away from me and my teammates. Twisted thinking? Sure, but it’s mine.

Leave the man alone on this one and let those closest to him help him decide how best to go forward. If he does something controversial ON the field — have at him. If he dons a bullet-proof vest and is pulled over with an arsinal of weapons — have at him. This siutation is different.